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What if you could find a way to work from home and make a full-time income doing something you enjoy?

What if that side hustle pays you enough to quit your 9 to 5 a year or two from now, and live life on your own terms thanks to your new income stream?

What if that income stream was mostly passive, and it was as easy as starting a blog?

What if the blog you start today earns you $5K/month for the rest of your life, even during recession?

Hey, I’m Lidiya 👋

And here's how blogging changed my life:

I was once living a life I wanted to escape from. I had no direction, nothing to hustle for, and wasn’t financially independent.

What I had, however, was a desire to learn, to grow, to use my skills and time in a better way. Also, I wanted to live on my own terms instead of being limited by the country I lived in, the 9 to 5 world, the expectations of others, the financial barriers to exploring the world, etc.

It wasn’t until I realized how much I enjoy writing and that I was so passionate about personal development, that I combined these two and found ways to make something out of it.

So I began freelance writing. That was my first income online and earning my first $1K gave me the confidence that this Internet thing could really help me change my life.

But I was exchanging time for money and had to be on the laptop to actually do the work. Not to mention meeting client expectations was a nightmare, finding new clients involved a lot of insecurity, and I was still stressed, just while I was making money online.

So clearly that wasn’t the solution.

Luckily, during that time I had also started a blog called Let’s Reach Success. I was publishing content for fun and also used it as my portfolio to show potential freelance clients what articles I can create for them.

I fell in love with blogging not long after so I learned more about it. Turned out, that was a side hustle that had much more potential than freelancing and so many bloggers out there had quit their jobs to blog full-time.

Fast forward to now, this blog earns $50K, gets over 1 million page views a year, and is the foundation of my brand, allowing me to help people start a business and transform their life.

It’s also what has given me the chance to travel, leave my home country (Bulgaria) and relocate to my ideal destination (Amsterdam, Netherlands), wake up whenever I want to every day and work from home.

The first years were about research, making mistakes, understanding the whole idea behind setting up a WordPress site, blogging, publishing content, providing value, monetizing a site, building traffic to a blog, working with sponsors, designing a website, etc.

I wasted a ton of time, but all this has now allowed me to help others cut the learning curve in half and make money blogging much sooner.


Starting a blog today can mean owning your time, earning potential, and future a year from now.

Does any of this resonate with you?

There’s just too much info out there.

I can’t tell you how often I get an email from a reader saying they’ve e thinking about starting a blog for months now and that’s only caused them stress. Or that they are confused about this whole blogging thing and haven’t moved the needle forward for half a year now.

It doesn’t need to be like that, though.

There are things that work every time. The problem is that every expert you learn from is trying to help you achieve a different goal and sharing their unique experience with you.

Buying many books or following many bloggers might be overwhelming and can lead to never taking action and setting up a site.

It’s hard to know who to trust.

That’s why when I was learning from others over the years, I followed their journey from day one and knew exactly how they earned their money and grew their online business.

I too try to be transparent. On my About page, I shared my whole story. Occasionally, I write articles where I talk about my experiences that led to moving to another country, doubling my income, becoming a freelancer and then a full-time blogger.

I also publish detailed income reports, which means I calculate my blog earnings and expenses and share them with anyone interested to learn how I make money blogging from home. In addition, I put a ton of free content out there for anyone wanting to start a business on the side, change their habits, become productive, learn about digital marketing and money management, etc. I have free articles, eBooks, courses, and more.

That builds enough trust. Now, I’ve gathered MY BEST knowledge and experience and bundled it into this epic course you’re about to check out.

The technical side of blogging turns most people off.

Do you often hear about WordPress, hosting, domain, SSL, and SEO and decide blogging is not for you simply because you aren’t familiar with these?

Or maybe you’ve started a blog in the past but then had to understand Google Analytics, email automation, permalinks, domain authority, GDPR, and ad networks?

My readers email me all the time to ask basic questions about blogging, others simply wonder where to start.

Sadly, most assume making money blogging is out of the question as they can’t build a website, design it, or promote it.

I’ve got you covered. All that is something you need no experience with. I will show you what you need to know and the exact steps to follow to set up your blog, optimize it, make it fast and secure, and turn it into a money-making machine.

You won’t need any code, design knowledge or understanding of how the digital world works for that matter.

WordPress - the free open-source content management system that powers most of the blogs on the Web - is at your disposal and I will show you how to master it in no time.

I started with zero experience but was able to grow Let's Reach Success to over 100K monthly page views.

Here's a screenshot of my traffic from Google Analytics for July 2019:

You don’t know how to sell online.

Another reason why most people don't become bloggers is that they don't know how to sell...

Neither did I. When I was just starting out with blogging, I didn’t want to send emails to my audience (I thought it was annoying.). I didn’t want to promote the products I created and ask for people’s money. I didn’t want to charge a lot for sponsored posts even though brands were contacting me to ask for my rates and were interested in Let’s Reach Success.

A few years went by and I learned this:

  • It’s okay to ask people for money but only after you’ve offered them enough value for free.
  • People will gladly pay you if you can truly help them with your product.
  • With a great blog and the right monetization method, you don’t need to sell actively.

Instead, you can have a system that brings you money passively each day, week or month (thanks to having ads on your site, a sales funnel to sell your products, or by creating epic content and recommending other people’s products in it, which is the foundation of affiliate marketing).

You don’t need to appear salesy even when you write a review of a product or service. Once you learn more about affiliate marketing within this course, you will see how to choose products you believe in, include the links naturally, tell people why it’s worth buying this and how it has helped you, and write content that sells but without pushing the reader to do anything they don’t want to.

This can bring you hundreds or thousands of dollars in passive income each month in just a year.

Here's a screenshot (from PayPal) of my earnings from January till September 2019.

So, selling as a blogger isn’t hard or wrong or unprofessional. Once you build your site, gain traffic and get to know your audience a bit better, you can simply monetize their attention by giving them what they want and helping them solve their problems (while still providing a ton of value).

Now that you know most of the things stopping you from building a blogging business are not true, are you ready to become a blogger?


Introducing Blog to Biz System

Starting a blog today might mean crushing it a year from now with your side hustle, and getting to $5K a month later only so you can quit your job, reclaim your time, and start blogging full-time (from home or while traveling).

That’s why I created the roadmap for you - to save you the need for countless hours of research, the mistakes, the confusion, the unanswered questions, the moments of wanting to give up.

Blog to Biz System is for new, intermediate and even advanced bloggers and it covers it ALL! From outlining your blogging strategy and building discipline as a blogger, launching the website with the best tools out there and designing it, to mastering marketing, blog traffic, content creation and sales.

You get 10 modules with over 100 lectures, tech tutorials, video lessons, step-by-step guides, and a whole bunch of bonus materials included.

"The course is THOROUGH. Lidiya holds nothing back!!

Right now, I am very happy with the progress of my blog: It is shaping up quite nicely. I still need to add a few more blog posts, my freebie and continue working on the about me page but overall I am so excited because I know that I am building a solid foundation because of the way the course is structured. PS.

I've already recommended it to three previous clients. (They'd be silly not to buy it.)"

- April Gregory, Brand & Marketing Strategist Business Coach


This Course Will Teach You 4 Key Things

1. How to Start a Blog The Right Way, Fast and on a Budget 👨‍💻

It’s okay if you aren’t tech-savvy, don’t have experience, aren’t sure how blogging works, don’t know what platform to use to create a website or how to run it once it’s live.

Don’t worry. I will walk you through this step by step and give you only the information you need to actually create a blogging strategy, find your niche, set goals, find the right hosting provider and install WordPress on it so you can launch your blog.

Together with that, I’ll show you how to design it professionally with a few clicks, what pages to add first, what steps to take to have a great platform ready to welcome your first visitors and earn you money down the road.

In fact, I’ll even build a whole new blog myself so you can see how the process works and simply follow my steps.

2. How to Drive Huge Traffic to Your New Blog and Build an Audience 📈

The next modules of the course are all about building your brand, growing your email list, and driving a ton of traffic to your site.

You’ll learn how to start a newsletter (because the money is in the email list) with one of the best email marketing tools. You'll see exactly how to get your first email subscribers, create opt-in forms that get noticed and give people the content they want so they can subscribe to your newsletter.

In addition, you’ll learn how to turn readers into subscribers and nurture your email list, create welcome email series and sell your products to your subscribers.

Module 5 and 6 are where the magic happens in terms of SEO, as you'll learn all you need to optimize every single page on your blog as well as your whole website so that search engines can love it and rank it high.

I show you how I write content that ranks on top of Google for certain keywords, how I choose blog topics and outline the articles that are the cornerstone content of my blog, and more.

I share with you ALL you need to know about SEO as a blogger so you can get 100K page views per month and increase the earning potential of your blog.

But that traffic won't be coming just from Google. There's another magical place for bloggers and that's Pinterest. After dedicating a whole year to master it, getting half a million page views and bringing thousands of Pinners to my blog on a monthly basis, I now want to share the exact steps with you.

Many successful bloggers get 90% of their traffic from Pinterest. And it's indeed easy to get to 50K monthly page views on your blog simply thanks to having great Pins and pinning strategically.

However, the rest of your traffic should come from SEO as you should never rely on a social media channel to bring all of your site's traffic. If you combine long-term results (organic traffic from Google) and the quick weekly spikes in traffic thanks to Pinterest, you can be sure your blog will be getting 100K page views a month and earning you enough to be able to call yourself a full-time blogger.

I added a bonus module at the end of the program, which is all about Pinterest. First, I wanted to make sure I learn all I can about using Pinterest for bloggers from different sources. Now, I combine my best tips, share my exact results and give you clear steps on how to master Pinterest, create viral Pins, and get tens of thousands of people to your blog.

This is what I saw in my Google Analytics when I had one of my first viral Pins back in the days (this image shows only traffic from social media):

You can easily get 1,000 visitors from Pinterest per day even if you have a new blog with just a few articles on it. But for that, you need to have the right content and topic, the right Pin design, the right boards to add it to, an optimized Pinterest profile, and more.

Once I started using Pinterest smarter and my Pins went viral, I analyzed exactly why that happened and replicated the process. Now, my Pinterest traffic is consistent month after month and when organic traffic goes down (which happens naturally some months), I still get enough people to my blog

3. How to Make Your First Money Blogging 💰

Many of the aspiring bloggers who reach out to me are confused about the possible ways to monetize a website. Some don’t start a blog because they don’t believe it can earn them money, while others have been blogging for a while but can’t monetize strategically so they are leaving money on the table.

With the next modules in Blog to Biz System, I aim at clarifying the best ways to make money from your blog and turn that into a recurring income.

Once your site is set up and you’ve included the main elements, you can think about the most practical way for you to earn your first dollars blogging.

In Module 7, you’ll learn all you need about the 2 income streams you can start with - advertising and affiliate marketing.

Advertising is based on traffic so once you have content on your site and promote it on Pinterest following the strategies I teach, you can gain traffic to your blog in the first weeks and months. Then you can partner with a professional ad network and earn a few hundred dollars a month.

The more page views you get, the more your ad revenue will increase. That’s also going to be your first passive income stream.

Here's a screenshot of my ad revenue from Mediavine in July 2019:

Affiliate marketing comes next. You’ll see lessons on how to choose your top affiliate products and start promoting them on your blog in multiple ways, how to write affiliate content and avoid some major mistakes bloggers make.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy to get started with. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll be amazed at the results.

For example, here are my sales of the courses of other popular bloggers in my niche (I’ve taken these courses myself, enjoyed them, become an affiliate and now recommend them to my audience).

You can see there’s more than 1 sale through my affiliate links almost every month, commissions are high, and sometimes my earnings are over $250 (as shown in the last column).

And that’s only for the products of 2 people online. There are so many others you can learn from and become an affiliate for so you can share their resources with your blog readers.

That too is passive income as the sales happen once someone clicks on your affiliate links, which can continue for years after you’ve published a good post containing these links.

4. How to Turn Your Blog into a 5-Figure Business 🤝

Many newbie bloggers start a blog only to give up a few months after that. They lack consistency and discipline because they never had a strategy in mind and weren’t really sure about the ‘why’ behind all this.

I will help you define these before you even start your blog. Once you do make some money each month, it’s time to get to the next level.

That means understanding how to write content that drives visitors but also sales, how to encourage Google to rank your site higher, how to negotiate prices with sponsors and earn hundreds of dollars for one article on your blog, how to choose what digital product to build first (and make sure it will be profitable), and much more.

I cover all this because it’s what I’ve personally been through. You'll get access to all the information in detail but also in an easy to digest way.

Module 8 is all about sponsored posts, which is where the biggest part of my monthly income is coming from.

With Module 9, you’ll be able to create your eBook and online course (just like this one) and start earning the big bucks. Here is where the income can double once you add these 2 income streams to your blogging strategy.

Every month, I receive earnings from sales of my products (which I sell via Teachable, this website):

You won’t just become a full-time blogger after completing this course. Follow all the steps and you will earn enough to be able to call yourself a business owner.

"Before enrolling in Blog to Biz System, I struggled with starting as a blogger. I did not know how to get my content out there. I heard about Wordpress but did not understand what it entails and how to get started.

Completing the course helped me become more confident. I felt equipped for my blog, brand, books and business. I had more clarity about my goals and where I am heading. The course also helped in the launch and getting my book published.

If you are really serious about blogging, this course is all you need. It is great value for money. I’m so glad I enrolled."

- Ayoola Kaffo, The Success Feed

Get started now!


Imagine this...

✨ You are finally ready to build something on your own and put effort into winning your time and freedom back.

A side project like blogging will make you feel in charge of your life again. You’re doing something to build the necessary skills to provide value and earn profits in the digital world.

That’s a big thing and it will pay off in many ways.

You will feel good about yourself knowing you’re dedicated. You’ll have more energy than ever while setting your blog goals and creating a strategy as you’ll begin visualizing your blogging success.

Your confidence will increase the more steps you follow from this course as each next one will be getting you closer to the financial freedom you crave so much.

You will do work that matters, on a subject that you’re passionate about, and no one else will be telling you what to do. You can find your voice and use your unique skillset to turn your blog into your brand and stand out in your chosen field.

✨ Making your first money online is the proof you need to never give up.

Stay consistent till that happens and then nothing will be able to talk you out of your goal to be a full-time blogger.

It always sounds unbelievable that money can easily be made online but the moment it happens you know you can do that again and again and find even more ways to increase your revenue.

I’ll never forget the first few dollars I made and then the first $100. That showed me that getting to $1000 is just a matter of time and focused work!

I want you to experience that yourself. I can’t earn your money on your behalf. You need to first create your blog, see how it works, learn about the different ways to monetize it and then choose the one you believe will work best for you.

Your first payments will bring you the kind of satisfaction that the salary from your job never will.

That’s when you’ll believe you can be like those bloggers who earn a few thousand per month and maybe even like those who got to $50K/month. They too started with just a few dollars and weren’t sure if all this blogging thing was gonna work for them :)

✨ Your blog side hustle turns into a 5-figure business.

Having a blog where you publish a lot of quality content, build your brand and make some money on the side with ads, sponsored posts, your own products and affiliate marketing is just the beginning.

✨ You shouldn’t stop until you see more of the site’s earning potential.

Every blog and audience are different. But almost any platform these days that’s created with a strategy in mind and is run by a passionate and determined individual can get to making $5,000/month.

That should be enough to help you take it more seriously and start doing it full-time. Even if you have a good salary and make much more than $50K per year, it’s still worth quitting your 9 to 5 to work for yourself.

Self-employment made me happier than ever and is one of the best lifestyle changes I’ve made.

You are your own boss and nothing compares to that. You can finally work on things you believe in and manage your time the way you want.

Also, you can never get rich by working for someone else. But you sure can if you hustle on your blog as there are no limits to how much you can earn online.


Yes, blogging can change your life in multiple ways and all this is possible!

It begins with launching your own platform, publishing content and optimizing it like crazy until you find the right monetization method that works for you and your audience.

Once you get the money and freedom you should use them wisely. You can manage your time and blog like a boss and spend minimum hours behind the laptop and invest the rest of the time to be with your family, travel the world, or do things you enjoy and find new hobbies.

"I'm a course junkie and Blog to Biz System is THE most comprehensive blog course I've ever seen or taken."

Tina of

"Before finding Blog to Biz System, I was all over the place about blogging. I liked my blog, but wanted it to be something more.

While taking the course, I realized that following a methodical approach was the way to go. It thrilled me that my vision for my blog was suddenly attainable.

I loved the module about working on your mindset. Yes, we all have big dreams when we start, but it truly had me thinking about aligning my mind and my heart before I jumped in with my blog's overhaul.

Lidiya breaks everything down by starting with mindset, then taking you step-by-step through the entire blogging journey. She delivers a bit of much-needed tough love in a gentle, encouraging manner. I loved it!"


Course Bonuses

There's more...

Here's the bonus material you'll find in the course:



Another thing you get free access to is an eBook bundle, which contains tactical guides on topics like link building, email marketing, eBook promotion, launching a digital product, landing sponsored blog posts and finding good topics to write about.

These are short but practical as they list the exact advanced strategies you can apply to take your sales, email list, content, link building and promotion to the next level.


In different modules, you’ll also find printables, cheat sheets and workbooks to help you organize your blogging tasks, set big and small blog goals, define your ideal reader, plan your content, track progress, grow your Pinterest traffic, optimize your blog posts, etc.

This bonus material will motivate you and help you see the big picture but also plan the work that needs to be done in the next few weeks and months.


Want to know the exact steps an experienced blogger has taken over the years, the advanced sales strategy they use, the email templates and copy they’ve tested, the tools they rely on, the keyword research process and social media tactics that work for them?

Great, because you’ll get all that in the course. I’ve shared:

  • How I go from finding a keyword to outlining a blog post and writing it so that it can rank for that keyword phrase in 1 month
  • My exact Pinterest strategy that brings me thousands of blog visitors per month
  • The email templates I use to engage new subscribers, start a relationship and make sales
  • The copywriting techniques I’ve used on specific blog pages and product sales pages to increase conversion

And much more.



Last but not least, you get lifetime access to the course, which will be updated frequently. New modules will be added, and changes will be made to the current content as the blogging world changes constantly.

"After implementing some of your Pinterest strategies, I just had one of my pins go viral."

Bruno Ewayu, Internet Pearl

"Blog to Biz System is definitely changing things for me.

I have been using Pinterest for a while now and a big chunk of my traffic comes from there.

I am just excited with the incredible results I have already started seeing in my blogging journey. After implementing some of your Pinterest strategies, I just had one of my pins go viral which hasn't happened in a while for the time I have been using Pinterest.

The program also helped me come up with some great content ideas for my bog.

My affiliate sales have gone up already and I couldn't be happier."

Get started now!

Hey! I'm Lidiya

I'm a blogger, course creator and the founder of Let’s Reach Success where I help badass women just like you build an abundant, value-driven business so that you can become financially free and play by your rules because this is the most powerful way to live a fearless life and serve your purpose.

I've been named one of the top 10 course creators and experts to watch in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance, been featured on TIME magazine, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, and more.

I turned my hobby blog into a 5-figure business. Thanks to that income, I've managed to become self-employed, work from home (or anywhere else), do what I love, be location independent and travel with my laptop, leave my home country and relocate to my dream destination.

I want to help you do the same.

You too can make money blogging, and I'm here to show you how!

Come hang out on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I don't know anything about blogging?
This course is perfect for beginners. It walks you through the basics of blogging as well as the hacks and tricks you can immediately start using to get traffic to your blog, grow it, build your brand and start earning your first money.
Will the course be updated?
Yes. Things in the blogging worlds are constantly changing and I’m testing new strategies, learning and researching new methods to grow and monetize a blog. As I do that, I will be going back to Blog to Biz System to make updates.
All future versions of the course are free once you enroll.
Will taking this course guarantee $5K/month from my blog?
No. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a proven system for earning 5 figures per year by starting and monetizing a blog. The initial process takes time and the learning and testing don’t stop even when you begin making your first money blogging. You need to take the steps outlined in the course and continue investing time and efforts into your blog for as long as it takes to achieve financial freedom.
How long is the course going to take?
I suggest consuming information one lesson at a time at your own pace. Don’t leave it for a whole week, though, as it’s important to build the habit of dedicating time to your blog on a daily basis or every few days. The whole course can be completed in a month assuming you go through all modules but don’t take action upon anything mentioned in it and just want to get your blog off the ground as quickly as possible. The course can also take 3 months if you want to do something about each lesson right after reading it, will make the most of the bonus material in the last section and fill out all the details about your blog, aren’t in a hurry, are taking notes, etc. You can finish Module 1 and 2 (creating a blogging strategy, setting goals, understanding the technical side of blogging, setting up your blog and adding its main elements) in a week if you’re motivated, and can then move onto the next parts of your journey such as growing the blog, turning it into a real brand, making it popular and monetizing it.
Will I need to purchase anything else once I buy the course?
The only necessary expense related to your blog is a hosting plan. I’ll show you the hosting company I use and recommend and how to set up a site with it. Any other expenses are not necessary at this point but might be something you invest in once you begin earning (these include email marketing service, premium WordPress theme, social media management tools, or else).
What format is the content delivered in?
This is a video course. Each lecture also goes together with a transcript. I created a whole new website solely for the purpose of showing you how to get started with your blog so you can replicate the process.
Can I find this information for free online?
The Web is full of tutorials on how to start blogging and make money from it. There is a ton of free information on my blog Let’s Reach Success too. However, a course consists of A TON of VALUABLE information ORGANIZED in the most effective way possible and with the goal of helping you achieve a certain result. I’ve also included many things I’ve never discussed on my site or elsewhere and which are unique for my personal experience and how I began making money blogging. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes info too with screenshots of my earnings, email correspondence, the dashboard of my site, what has been going on in different stages of the blog over the years, and more. Even if you’ve never done research on blogging to see what’s out there (it can take weeks to make sense of what you’re reading if you use random sources), you have all you need in this course to start from 0 and get to the point where you’re earning money from your very own platform.
Is this course suitable for me if I don’t have a blog yet?
Absolutely. This course is for beginners (as well as intermediate and advanced bloggers) as it shows you every single step of the preparation before launching a blog and the actual setup.
What if I’ve been blogging for some time?
That’s okay too as Blog to Biz System will show you new areas to tackle, real ways to double your income if you’re already making money from your blog, the path to turning your blog into an actual online business, and how to use all that to not just be self-employed but achieve the ultimate freedom.
Are refunds available?
Yes. If you complete the course and take the steps but don't see results, you can email us within 60 days for a full refund. However, you also need to show proof that you actually gave the strategies covered in the course a chance, started a blog and gave it some time to grow.
"There is SO MUCH VALUE in Blog to Biz System that some lessons I had to take twice. The first time to listen with attention and the second to take notes."

Carolina Gómez @blendybycaro

"I've decided to switch a bit the direction of my small business and make adjustments to it, so it can be more aligned with my real goals, expectations and dreams. Taking this course is giving me the confidence I needed to FINALLY unleash my power, get rid of all fears and go the direction I really desire.

Thank you, Lidiya, for sharing all the tips on how to write the articles, and all aspects of the written content, not only the technical part of setting up a blog on Wordpress. The course is super complete.

Before Blog to Biz System I needed to learn so much and after taking it, I feel that Lidiya had put together all I needed to know in order to take action. Such a valuable program!

Now I know how to write articles strategically, not jut for the sake of writing. The step by step on how to write different kind of posts and all info related is helping me grow in my blogging abilities.

The tech part of setting up a blog was so useful to me that I could optimize my site right away. The writing tips and all info, together with all the free tools and resources that are mentioned throughout the course are the best part for me.

Lidiya shares tons of info on how she's done it all herself and learning what's in Blog to Biz System could change your life."

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